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Fan sign Pictures






PS. Watching UKISS at Mastershowman... LOL.


First and foremost...

I'm not really the type of person who writes a birthday entry... but yeah... since the FISH is special in many ways...

Stay as Auti as you are!!! XD

I just read [info]sassydork and lucid_acolyte 's insane henbergengtoriachul fanfic. And with this two writing it... GAH! It's totally crazy. Just imagine the number of text messages i receive from these two everyday plotting the chaos adventures of the characters. kekeke. But its all pure win! Gah HENBER!!!!!!!! XD
[info]sassydork 's gif of HENBER killed me. OMG. Amber, why so aggressive?!? kekeke. And Henry looked like an idiot being dragged by Amber to her side. XD

*** random,
there is some drama going on outside right now. Apparently our beloved neighbors are having a fist fight... yet again. LOL. Well, I'm kinda used to it... but it is still fun to see them make a fool out of themselves. One thing to remember,  Liquor should be stored in your stomach (...and be allowed to damage your liver afterwards) and not in your egos.

And yeah, i'm such a fail... i can't even watch chocolate love MV right now. T_T I heard Amber is totally gay feminine in this MV. I'm loving her more. Plus, I can't wait to see SNSD's legs back in action. Oh my Yuri... did you know that I love you dearly??? *_* Anyhow, no worries, I'll make sure I'd be able to leech those from people. (you know who you are... *evil laugh*)

Dream Concert was great. Numerous SUJUBER moments, YAY! (thanks to [info]sassydork  's sharp eyes.) Seriously, I just love the boys' every interaction with Amber. I even had this thought about all the Suju members having an argument on who can put Amber in a SNSD shorts. Kekeke. AnyoneBER is totally love.

I was really excited when in the opening, all SJ members (including Henry and Zhoumi, minus Kangin and Kibum and Heechul who was hosting the show) went out at the middle of the stage looking all aggressive and wearing that feisty attitude in their faces. I mean, WHERE THE HELL DID ALL THAT ANGST COME FROM???
SJM's Super Girl perf is amazing. Gah! I still can't forget Ryeowook. OMG that kid is oh so gorgeous these days. (**...gah! farting incident.. yeah... let's all forget about it. >.<;;) And Sorry Sorry perf is also phenomenal. Those Pop-up platforms (don't really know how they are called) never fails to amaze me. Kekeke

Hmmm... what else... again Happy Birthday to Donghae. He may not be Super Man, but he is definitely not a "mama boy". Kekeke. Oh and I just heard he'll appear in a new Jang Ri In MV. FIGHTING~! XDDD


Manila Ocean Park

Just some random thing...

Here are the pics from our Manila Ocean park Adventure.

After that, Cris and I went to Mall of Asia and watched the local movie Ploning (...which if I may say was a very interesting movie since they used a native Palawan dialect on almost 90% of its screening time and the powerhouse cast was just amazing.)

Then after that, we witnessed a fireworks display at around 7 pm which I barely captured from my Mp4's camera features. They actually blocked the exits so we're basically trapped for awhile inside MOA.

It was one hell of a day! ^_^


Siwon's Real Birthday


I felt like I was betrayed or that I failed as a Suju fan. I've always thought that Choi Si Won was born in Feb. 10, 1987. But what is this?!?!?! He's an Aries after all. I really didn't know that he's real birthday is on April 7, 1986. but what is this fake birthday for? to make him younger??? Haizt... i've been fooled. So there are 2 suju members who would be celebrating their bday this month... Eunhyukkie (04-04-1986..same as my birthdate... *yay! my long lost twin hyukkie* and Siwonnie (04-07-1986) Oh well... Happy Birthday to Us then!!! ^_^'


Heechul's Look-alike in American Idol

American Idol's contestant Danny Noriega has been getting a lot of attention from most asian fanatics because of his resemblance with celebrities like Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul and Japan's Yamapi.

Here is his pic... you decide yourself...

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